Modules & Features

These are some of the modules and features that are currently available. More are on the way!

Administrative Modules

You can provide access to these modules to as many people as you like.

Event Manager

Ensure all of your members know what's happening with at your ministry with Event Manager. Users can easily see all the information needed to attend the event.

Expense Manager

  • Get a real sense of what your ministry spending looks like.
  • No more spreadsheets and formulas.
  • Easy acess to the data and stats.
  • Be ready for tax season!

Giving Live

  • See online giving in real time!
  • Itemized, tallied and totalled!
  • Access it right in service from your mobile device or anywhere!

Giving Manager

  • A complete picture of ministry giving, e.g. tithes, offering, first fruits, building fund, etc.
  • Identify giving trends and see when and how people are giving.
  • Plan that conference or next project more accurately and efficiently based on revenue data!

Member Manager

  • Get a better picutre on active members, dormant memebers, etc., so you can keep in touch.
  • Know what skills are in the house with the skills listing.
  • Need to know what T-Shirt everyone wears, who's saved or who needs to be bapitised!


  • Send out messages to members, visitors, or everyone with one message!
  • Stay in touch with people and keep them informed or just to say, "Hello."
  • Follow-ups keeps people engaged and can help to increase church attendance and giving.

Visitor Manager

  • Know who has visited the ministry so you can stay in contact.
  • Offer prayer and salvation to those who just need that one-on-one connection.
  • Get a better understanging of Visitor/Member conversion rates.

Website Manager with Giving Portal

  • Create a fully-functioning, modern, aesthetically pleasing, website (See Live Demo Website).
  • Just need the giving portal or events listing? Configure just what you need.
  • Increase the awareness, influence, voice and reach of your ministry.
  • The online giving is easy to use, automatically recorded and can be tracked in real time!

Member Modules

These are some of the modules that all members have access to.

Away Time

  • Alert leaders when you won't be able to serve.
  • Foster better communication so leaders know who they have to work with!

Your Giving

  • Members can take better ownership of their giving when they see exactly when and how much they give.
  • Members can download their giving statements at any time!

User Profile

  • Members can upload pictures and personal information like emergency contacts and their last 15 tithes/offering gifts.
  • They can list their t-shirt size, if they've been baptized, if they're saved, etc.
  • Each member can decide if they want to be included in the church directory, have their photo seen in the directory, have their birthday listed on the birthday calendar.
  • And more!

Coming Soon!

Groups & Ministries

Easily create groups for your various ministries, create group leaders and restrict certain groups to men, women, teens, etc.

Quickbooks Data Export

Easily export and download your data so you can import it into Quickbooks.

Steeple.Center App

The app will allow members and visitors to have a greater level of interaction with the church. Users can give, receive push-notifications like event notifications, alerts and direct contact, etc.

And Much More!

We are always working to improve Steeple.Center and make it more valuable for our users! Upgrades and additions will always be at no extra cost!

Start using Steeple.Center today!